Snowbiking in Obertauern

Snowbiking in Obertauern in Austria's first snow bike school

For anyone who loves the feeling of biking!
The great challenge in the snow! A unique feeling. Try it! It is easy to learn and it's a lot of fun. Snowbiking is also possible for children over 6 years old. We recommend wearing a ski helmet.
Hermann Koch on the snobike
Snowbiking in your holiday in Obertauern
Snowbiking for children in ski school Koch, Obertauern
Snowbike courses with Ski School Koch
Try out 2 hoursPricer per Person
From 2 to 6 people (including. Snowbike and coach)  EUR 109,00
Snowbiking for children (2 hours)Price per Child

From 2 to max. 5 children

(including. Snowbike and coach)

 EUR 89,00
Snowbike Guided Tour
Snowbike guided tour with Ski School Koch After a short training you'll be swinging down the most beautiful slopes of Obertauern. Snowbiking is a the best way to spend of fun day with friends. To round off the day we guide you easily down the world downhill record piste.
Guided Tour (3 hours)Price
From 4 to 6 persons (incl. Snowbike)  EUR 429,00
Snowbiking in Austria
Snowbiking in Ski School Koch Obertauern
Snowbiking in Salzburg
Snowbike Moonlight Tour
Snowbiking at night After a nice warm-up in the hut with an original Obertauern Gamsmilch at dusk, we head down into the valley. Embraced by the sea of Obertauern lights with the stars above, you'll get a different kind of energy boost. A very special experience!

Snowbike Moonlight TourPrice per Person

From 5 people (incl. guide,

Snowbike, headlamp and a drink)

 EUR 43,00
Snow Bike Rental
Rental DurationPrice
Half Day EUR 38,00
1 day EUR 58,00
2 days EUR 96,00
3 days
EUR 119,00
4 days
EUR 139,00
5 days
EUR 159,00
6 days
EUR 179,00
7 days
EUR 199,00
8 days
EUR 209,00


All prices include 20% VAT.

Back strengthening training with a Snowbike
Rückentraining mit dem Snowbike

Snowbiking strengthens your back almost without any effort. You can experience fun on the slopes again! With Ski School Koch's "Fun to Learn" method you experience a new sense of achievement. The human spine requires movement to stay healthy. The optimum shock absorption system lets you glide smoothly over of the bumps. You can stop whenever you want and rest whilst sitting down on the snowbike!

Back trainingPrice per Person
1.5 HOURS (incl. Snowbike)  EUR 189,00
FatburningPrice per Person
2 HOURS, 3 to 5 persons (incl. Snowbike)  EUR 99,00
Snowbiking in Obertauern with Brenter Snowbikes Ski School Koch in Obertauern bikes and instructs with Brenter Snowbikes, the Original since 1949.
Snowbiking with Ski School Koch